Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whatever we're going to do is legal

In a CNN interview with Larry King, former President GWB clarifies that "we don't torture" and cites as supporting evidence the administration's procural of legal opinion supporting the proposition that "we don't torture."

KING: Do you think -- or do you get hurt when a Colin Powell comes out and says things like we shouldn't torture and we should close Guantanamo?

G. BUSH: No, I don't get hurt, because we don't torture.

KING: So does it hurt you that Colin, who worked for you, is saying that?

G. BUSH: I don't think he said George Bush has tortured. I can't remember his quote. But I'm comfortable with what we did and know it was necessary to protect the country.

KING: So there's nothing you've done in the area of treatment of prisoners that causes you any kind of pause?

G. BUSH: No. No. Everything we did was -- you know, it had legal -- legal opinions behind it. Look, you're sitting there, you've captured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He's the guy that ordered the September the 11th attacks. And we want to know what he knows in order to protect the United States of America.

And I got legal opinions that said whatever we're going to do is legal. And my job is to protect you, Larry. And I've given it my all. I've given it my all.

The fealty pledged here by Bush to these legal opinions seem to be evidence of just how much the administration was aware of the illegality its sanctioned torture. The legal opinions were sought to provide "legal" cover to shield those who signed off on torture.

Should such matters be pursued, one expects the former Bush administration to learn that the opinions of lawyers do not constitute law. The International Criminal Court, would be unlikely to absolve Bushco of criminal liability.