Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dowd on Dowd - revealing a tad - too much bush, I'd say

Dowd on Dowd:

“From the time I began writing about politics,” Dowd said, “I have always played with gender stereotypes and mined them and twisted them to force the reader to be conscious of how differently we view the sexes.” Now, she said, “you are asking me to treat Hillary differently than I’ve treated the male candidates all these years, with kid gloves.”

Time Magazine: Complete and total disgrace

Mon Nov 15 03:05pm EST

LeBron James a nominee for TIME's "Person of the Year"

Being named TIME's "Person of the Year" is one of the greatest irrelevant honors someone can receive. Past winners include Ted Turner, The Endangered Earth (actually "Planet of the Year" -- take that, Neptune), American Women (how's that for paternalism?), Gandhi, and even You.

As you can tell from that list of honorees, even being named a nominee is quite an accomplishment. So you can bet that the news that LeBron James(notes) has been named to the shortlist has taken the NBA world by storm. As LeBron told the Associated Press, he is quite humbled:

The Miami Heat forward says "it's too much" and insisted that he's not the right choice for the award, with the winner to be revealed next month. Other finalists this year include the trapped Chilean miners, President Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The award, given out since 1927, is bestowed on a person or group who "has done the most to influence the events of the year."
Someone should probably tell LeBron that being named "Person of the Year" isn't always a positive thing -- just ask Joseph Stalin (two-time recipient) and Adolf Hilter. While LeBron is certainly not in their class of terrible, something tells me that his winning would be for the fact that he turned most sports fans against him. That's an accomplishment, I suppose, but probably not something he wants to be known for.

Then again, there is no way that LeBron James had more of an effect on the world than other nominees like President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, or The Unemployed American. In a way, LeBron is right: This is too much for a basketball player. Let this be a reminder that sports, while important, do not have quite as large an effect on our lives as we sometimes like to think.

At least (so far) these settlements won't impact the U.S. deficeit.


UK agrees settlement with ex-Guantanamo detainees

LONDON – Britain has agreed to pay hefty settlements to a group of former Guantanamo Bay detainees who sued the government for alleged complicity in their torture — one of the first big pay-outs stemming from the US-led war on terrorism.
Well, at least it was the BRITS that paid the $'s.

After months of legal wrangling, Britain's spy agencies chose to settle the lawsuit to avoid a pricey and prolonged court case in which open testimony from secret agents could have jeopardized national security, a British government official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Tuesday.

At least seven former detainees would receive payments and at least one man would receive more than one million pounds (US$1.6 million), according to a second source who has seen details of the weekend settlement and spoke on condition of anonymity because lawyers agreed that the details would be kept confidential.

British spies have not been accused of torturing detainees themselves, but former detainees have alleged that British officials violated international law by knowing about the abuse and doing nothing to stop it.
Yes.  Knowledge of a crime IS a crime when you could do something to stop it.
In interviews last week, former U.S. President George Bush boasted that he authorized some techniques — which others have labeled torture — for the interrogation of suspected terrorists, and that the methods yielded intelligence that saved lives.

Britain has long opposed some of the interrogation techniques that Bush administration officials authorized in the so-called war on terror after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

Allegations of torture and abuse have been widespread among many Guantanamo detainees who were held in Afghanistan and other countries before being sent to the US prison camp in Cuba.
TORTURE!  One of the things the U.S. does best!
But the most detailed account of abuse came from former detainee Binyam Mohamed, who alleged that Britain was aware that the CIA sent him to be interrogated in Morocco, where his genitals were sliced with a scalpel.
Who in the fuck comes up with THESE ideas?  Sick fucks.  Unfuck 'em all forever so that their seed shall dry up and their house laid to rubble.

Before he was returned to Britain from the U.S. prison camp, lawyers for Mohamed sued in the British courts for intelligence transcripts to prove Britain knew he was being abused and that any evidence U.S. officials had was tainted.
Ya think the U.S. might have known this too?

A British court ruled that Mohamed was subjected to "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment" by U.S. authorities and ordered the release of a previously secret summary of CIA documents on the treatment of Mohamed.
Ought to have been an innocent Iraqi civilian.  Then they could have just bombed his ass to hell. And thus, as always, the larger crime, goes unpunished; goes unacknowledged.

Under long-standing conventions, nations don't disclose intelligence shared by their allies, and the court's ruling drove a wedge between U.S. and British intelligence officials. It also raised questions on the sanctity of intelligence sharing agreements if courts would be able to expose private exchanges in the future.

The payout now also raises the question of whether other detainees outside of Britain could look to the settlement as a way of pushing pending lawsuits forward even if the British government has made no admission of guilt.

"It does send out a very strong signal and it is going to cause difficulties with other countries, particularly the United States," said human rights lawyer Philippe Sands.
Another "atta boy" for Philippe Sands.

The case is thought to be one of the first bulk pay-outs to former Guantanamo detainees.

In a separate case, Canadian-Syrian engineer Maher Arar received an apology and $10 million (euro7.34 million; 6.25 million pounds) in compensation from the Canadian government after he was caught up in the "extraordinary rendition" of terrorist suspects.
Apparently, the first mentioned illegally detained detainees will NOT be getting an apology.

Arar says he was mistaken for a terrorist when he was changing planes in New York on his way home to Canada, a year after the 2001 terrorist attacks. He was sent to Syria, where he claims he was tortured.

A Canadian inquiry cleared him of involvement in terrorism and concluded he had been tortured. But in June the U.S. Supreme Court quashed his bid to sue U.S. authorities over his treatment.

British diplomats and government officials had confirmed previously that negotiations were taking place with lawyers for 12 former detainees, all either British citizens or residents, who had begun legal action against the government.

High Court judge Stephen Silber also said in July that mediation talks were under way. 

Government officials had estimated that the court cases could last 5 years and cost up to 50 million pounds ($80 million) in legal fees. Officials said about 100 intelligence officials had already been removed from regular duties to work on preparing up to 500,000 documents to be used in court. 

The settlement paves the way for a planned independent inquiry which is due to examine how much the government knew about the treatment of detainees by allies. 
Yes. Just how much did the government know?  And why did they let it persist?

Retired judge Peter Gibson will lead the investigation after police conclude criminal inquiries into the actions of two specific intelligence officers. 

Police are investigating whether an officer with domestic spy agency MI5 is guilty of criminal wrongdoing over the alleged torture of an ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee. In a separate case, the actions of an officer with overseas intelligence service MI6 are also being investigated. 

The government official who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity on Tuesday said both agencies are confident they will be vindicated in the investigations. 

Britain's government and intelligence agencies have repeatedly denied they were involved in, or condoned, the use of torture.

The Thai's are our friends. Oh but that the same could be said for the Israelis and Saudis.

Thailand extradites alleged arms dealer Bout to US

BANGKOK – Thailand extradited accused Russian arms trafficker Viktor Bout to the U.S. on Tuesday to face terrorism charges, siding with Washington in a tug of war with Moscow over whether to send him to stand trial or let him go home.

Have him stand trial.  He is cutting into U.S. arms traffickers profits.  Unacceptable.

The Cabinet approved Bout's extradition Tuesday after a long legal battle, and police said the 43-year-old was put aboard a plane in Bangkok heading for the United States at about 1:30 p.m. (0630 GMT; 1:30 a.m. EST) in the custody of eight U.S. officials.
My own personal record for being accompanied by Law Enforcement officials is six of them.  Twice.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said his Cabinet had approved extradition after acknowledging an earlier appeals court decision that Bout could be legally extradited.

Bout, a former Soviet air force officer who is reputed to have been one of the world's most prolific arms dealers, was arrested at a Bangkok luxury hotel in March 2008 as part of a sting operation led by U.S. agents.

Bout has allegedly supplied weapons that fueled civil wars in South America, the Middle East and Africa, with clients including Liberia's Charles Taylor and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and both sides in Angola's civil war.

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.

The head of a lucrative air transport empire, Bout had long evaded U.N. and U.S. sanctions aimed at blocking his financial activities and restricting his travel. He claims he ran a legitimate business and never sold weapons, and fought hard to avoid extradition.

Russia on Tuesday described the extradition as "unlawful."

"From a legal point of view what has happened cannot have any rational explanation or justification," said a statement issued in Moscow by the Russian Foreign Ministry.
Whinin' bitches.  Hell, the U.S. assassinates and unlawfully kidnaps dozens of innocents every year.
The statement charged that Bout's extradition was the result of "unprecedented political pressure from the USA on the government and judicial authorities of Thailand."

"There is no way to characterize this other than as interference in administering justice, which puts in doubt the independence of the Thai justice system," the statement said, adding that the Foreign Ministry will "take all necessary measures" to protect Bout's legal rights in accordance with international humanitarian law.
The U.S. Embassy said it had no immediate comment.

Russia had made strong public statements warning against Bout's extradition, and privately, both Moscow and Washington were reported to be exerting heavy pressure on Abhisit's government. U.S lawmakers also became involved, sending a letter to the Thai government urging extradition.

Russia says Bout is an innocent businessman and wants him in Moscow. Experts say Bout has knowledge of Russia's military and intelligence operations and that Moscow does not want him going on trial in the United States.
Bout knows too much about Russian arms sales.

The extradition came just a few days before a deadline that might have let him walk free. The same Thai court that last month gave the final go-ahead for his extradition also had declared that Bout had to be extradited before Nov. 20, or else be released.

Bout was taken from the prison where he has been held and driven under high-security in a motorcade to the airport. His wife Alla had rushed to the prison with his lawyer, but did not get to see him.

A Thai court in August of 2009 originally rejected Washington's request for Bout's extradition on terrorism-related charges. After that ruling was reversed by an appeals court in August this year, the U.S. moved to get him out quickly, sending a special plane to stand by.

However, just ahead of the appeals court ruling, the United States forwarded new money-laundering and wire fraud charges to Thailand in an attempt to keep Bout detained if the court ordered his release. But the move backfired and caused a new delay, and only an early October court ruling cleared the final path to extradition.

Our children IS learning

Touching story here.  Hey, KIDS - listen to me. Are you listening?  It gets better.  It ONLY gets better.  It's getting better all the time.  We love you.  You are not alone.  You have a peer group.  Every act of unkindness you survive makes you that much stronger; that much more caring; that much more tolerant.

Gay Michigan student defends suspended teacher


A 14-year-old who issued an impassioned defense of a suspended teacher has become a bit of an Internet folk hero in a new viral video.  Over the weekend, gossip blogger Perez Hilton and several other high-traffic sites picked up the video, which features the dramatic testimonial of Ann Arbor, Mich., teen Graeme Taylor.

Taylor told the Howell, Mich., school board last week that he attempted suicide at age 9 because he was bullied for being gay. He was speaking on behalf of Howell High teacher Jay McDowell, who had been suspended for two days for asking a student to remove her Confederate flag belt buckle and for ejecting two students from class after a heated exchange about gay rights.

DAMN STRAIGHT TEACH!! The shame, the horror, the injustice of this is, that a class room teacher would have to be the one to say: "This is unacceptable. LEAVE. NOW."

According to Livingston Daily reporter Jason Carmel Davis, McDowell was suspended after he ejected 16-year-old junior Daniel Glowacki and another student from his classroom. Glowacki objected to his teacher asking a fellow student to remove her Confederate flag belt buckle. The school was participating in Spirit Day on Oct. 20, a voluntary event for students designed to raise awareness about anti-gay bullying. Glowacki apparently argued with McDowell over the request to remove the buckle, asking how his classmate's Confederate flag insignia was different from the students wearing purple for Spirit Day. The local union says the student also made "inappropriate and offensive statements regarding gay students."

Lindsey Forbes, spokeswoman for the local teachers union, the Howell Education Association, tells The Lookout that McDowell followed school policy in asking for the belt buckle to be removed. Teachers are supposed to ask students to remove "inappropriate" or distracting clothing, she says. Confederate flags are not specifically listed as inappropriate, but Forbes says the flag is a symbol of hate, especially in Howell. Two years ago, a group of students were investigated by the Department of Justice for starting a Facebook group that used the Confederate flag as its profile photo and featured hate speech. Two students were suspended. An area north of Howell also had an active Ku Klux Klan membership in the '70s and '80s, according to the Livingston County Press.

"It's pretty clear in our community what that symbol stands for," Forbes says.

McDowell was suspended for one day without pay after the student in question complained about the removal of her belt buckle. The staff attorney for Michigan's American Civil Liberties Union chapter, Jay Kaplan, tells The Lookout that the case represents a "balancing act" between protecting free speech and creating a safe school environment, but that both students were most likely protected by the First Amendment. "Wearing [the Confederate flag] on the belt buckle probably is protected speech," he said, based on court precedents. "The situation where the student expressed his disapproval of homosexuality is also protected speech."

He said the "well-meaning" McDowell should have instead started a discussion about why the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate for so many and how denigrating homosexuality marginalizes gay people. The ACLU has offered to host training sessions for teachers about what the law says.

McDowell, who is also president of the local teachers union, is appealing the decision, and is back at work while his grievance is pending--a procedure that has been known to take as long as a year. Howell High is holding a "diversity forum" Monday night to talk about the issue. According to the union, the school has no specific policy prohibiting anti-gay bullying.

Being called to account in re: my brief flaming career as a sports odds maker

From a previous of my blog entries.  The prediction, and the actual:


WASHINGTON   32 -- PHILADELPHIA  19  (looking like one sick puppy now)

6-3 (Won last 2)
Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
Team 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia Eagles 28 17 14 0 59
Washington Redskins 0 14 7 7 28
4-5 (Lost last 2)

Scoring Summary
1st Quarter PHI - WAS
Scoring Summary: 1st Quarter
Time Team Scoring Type Description Score
14:42 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Michael VickDeSean Jackson down the middle for 88 yard gain (David Akers passed to made PAT)
7 - 0
10:17 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Michael VickDavid Akers rushed to the right for 7 yard gain ( made PAT)
14 - 0
5:02 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Michael VickLeSean McCoy down the middle for 11 yard gain (David Akers passed to made PAT)
21 - 0
1:55 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Jerome HarrisonDavid Akers made PAT) rushed to the left for 50 yard gain (
28 - 0
2nd Quarter PHI - WAS
Scoring Summary: 2nd Quarter
Time Team Scoring Type Description Score
14:51 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Michael VickJeremy Maclin to the right for 48 yard gain (David Akers passed to made PAT)
35 - 0
14:15 Washington Redskins WAS TD Donovan McNabbDarrel Young to the right for 3 yard gain (Graham Gano made PAT) passed to
35 - 7
9:39 Washington Redskins WAS TD Donovan McNabbKeiland Williams down the middle for 6 yard gain (Graham Gano passed to made PAT)
35 - 14
3:34 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Michael VickDavid Akers rushed to the right for 6 yard gain ( made PAT)
42 - 14
0:25 Philadelphia Eagles PHI FG David Akers kicked a 48-yard field goal
45 - 14
3rd Quarter PHI - WAS
Scoring Summary: 3rd Quarter
Time Team Scoring Type Description Score
11:27 Washington Redskins WAS TD Keiland WilliamsGraham Gano made PAT) rushed to the left for 4 yard gain (
45 - 21
6:15 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Michael VickJason Avant down the middle for 3 yard gain (David Akers passed to made PAT)
52 - 21
5:19 Philadelphia Eagles PHI TD Dimitri PattersonDonovan McNabb for 40 yards (David Akers made PAT) intercepted
59 - 21
4th Quarter PHI - WAS
Scoring Summary: 4th Quarter
Time Team Scoring Type Description Score
11:16 Washington Redskins WAS TD Keiland WilliamsGraham Gano rushed up the middle for 32 yard gain ( made PAT)
59 - 28


Team Statistics: Passing for Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int Rating
Michael Vick(notes) 20 28 333 71.4 11.9 1 1 4 0 150.7
Team Statistics: Passing for Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int Rating
Donovan McNabb(notes) 17 31 295 54.8 9.5 2 25 2 3 69.4


Team Statistics: Rushing for Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles Rush Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
Jerome Harrison(notes) 11 109 9.9 50 1 0
Michael Vick(notes) 8 80 10.0 21 2 0
LeSean McCoy(notes) 11 43 3.9 9 0 0
Eldra Buckley(notes) 5 13 2.6 9 0 0
Jeremy Maclin(notes) 1 11 11.0 11 0 0
DeSean Jackson(notes) 1 5 5.0 5 0 0
Kevin Kolb(notes) 1 -1 -1.0 -1 0 0
Team Statistics: Rushing for Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins Rush Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
Keiland Williams(notes) 16 89 5.6 32 2 0
Darrel Young(notes) 1 16 16.0 16 0 0
Donovan McNabb(notes) 1 0 0.0 0 0 0


Team Statistics: Receiving for Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
DeSean Jackson(notes) 2 98 49.0 88 1 0
Jeremy Maclin(notes) 4 79 19.8 48 1 0
Jason Avant(notes) 5 76 15.2 27 1 0
LeSean McCoy(notes) 5 51 10.2 27 1 0
Jerome Harrison(notes) 1 15 15.0 15 0 0
Brent Celek(notes) 2 8 4.0 7 0 0
Owen Schmitt(notes) 1 6 6.0 6 0 0
Team Statistics: Receiving for Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
Anthony Armstrong(notes) 3 83 27.7 76 0 0
Fred Davis(notes) 1 71 71.0 71 0 0
Keiland Williams(notes) 4 50 12.5 26 1 0
Mike Sellers(notes) 1 28 28.0 28 0 0
Santana Moss(notes) 3 28 9.3 13 0 0
Chris Cooley(notes) 3 23 7.7 11 0 0
Roydell Williams(notes) 1 9 9.0 9 0 0
Darrel Young(notes) 1 3 3.0 3 1 0


Team Statistics: Kicking for Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles XPM XPA FGM FGA Lng Pct Pts
David Akers(notes) 8 8 1 1 48 100.0 11
Team Statistics: Kicking for Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins XPM XPA FGM FGA Lng Pct Pts
Graham Gano(notes) 4 4 0 0 0 0.0 4


Team Statistics: Punting for Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles Punt Avg Long Blk In20 TB
Sav Rocca(notes) 4 39.8 53 0 4 0
Team Statistics: Punting for Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins Punt Avg Long Blk In20 TB
Hunter Smith(notes) 6 50.0 56 0 1 0

Kick/Punt Returns

Team Statistics: Returns for Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles KR Yds Avg Lng TD PR Yds Avg Lng TD
Jorrick Calvin(notes) 4 66 16.5 24 0 3 24 8.0 14 0
DeSean Jackson(notes) 0 0 0.0 0 0 1 12 12.0 12 0
Team Statistics: Returns for Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins KR Yds Avg Lng TD PR Yds Avg Lng TD
Brandon Banks(notes) 6 158 26.3 38 0 1 6 6.0 6 0
Mike Sellers(notes) 1 11 11.0 11 0 0 0 0.0 0 0


Team Statistics: Defensive for Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles Tack Ast Sack Yds FFum FumR PD Int Yds IntTD
Dimitri Patterson(notes) 5 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 2 2 40 1
Kurt Coleman(notes) 4 1 0.0 0.0 0 0 1 1 7 0
Colt Anderson(notes) 4 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Moise Fokou(notes) 3 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stewart Bradley(notes) 2 5 0.0 0.0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Jamar Chaney(notes) 2 3 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Quintin Mikell(notes) 2 2 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Akeem Jordan(notes) 2 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Trent Cole(notes) 1 3 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mike Patterson(notes) 1 2 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Trevor Laws(notes) 1 0 1.0 13.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Juqua Parker(notes) 1 0 1.0 12.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Brodrick Bunkley(notes) 1 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Asante Samuel(notes) 1 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Omar Gaither(notes) 1 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Nick Cole(notes) 1 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Darryl Tapp(notes) 1 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 2 0 0 0
Keenan Clayton(notes) 0 2 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ernie Sims(notes) 0 1 0.0 0.0 0 0 1 0 0 0
David Akers(notes) 0 1 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Antonio Dixon(notes) 0 1 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0
NEW ORLEANS by 3 over DALLAS --- Got this wrong.  Dallas by 3 over NO


Detroit Pistons @ Golden State Warriors
Team 1 2 3 4 Total
DET 21 21 27 28 97
GS 34 31 22 14 101

Team Statistics: Starters for Detroit Pistons
Starters Pos Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
R. Stuckey(notes) G 33:30 2-8 0-1 7-8 +8 3 8 6 2 0 0 2 4 11
R. Hamilton(notes) G 24:13 4-11 1-4 4-5 +3 0 4 4 0 1 0 0 2 13
B. Wallace(notes) C 24:00 1-2 0-0 0-0 -8 2 6 2 1 1 1 0 1 2
T. Prince(notes) F 28:17 7-13 0-0 1-2 -6 1 5 1 3 0 0 0 1 15
A. Daye(notes) F 25:17 5-7 2-3 2-4 +2 1 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 14
Team Statistics: Bench for Detroit Pistons
Bench Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
Totals 33-74 7-19 24-36
9 42 22 16 8 3 5 20 97
Percentages .446 .368 .667
Team Rebounds: 14
T. McGrady(notes) 25:56 3-8 0-2 0-2 -16 2 5 1 1 0 0 0 1 6
C. Villanueva(notes) 25:02 5-10 2-4 6-7 +1 0 8 2 1 1 1 0 2 18
B. Gordon(notes) 18:28 5-11 2-4 2-2 -3 0 2 1 3 2 0 1 3 14
G. Monroe(notes) 17:38 0-1 0-0 0-2 +13 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 0
W. Bynum(notes) 12:10 1-3 0-1 2-2 -5 0 1 2 4 1 0 1 4 4
J. Maxiell(notes) 5:29 0-0 0-0 0-2 -9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
J. Jerebko(notes) DNP - Inactive
D. Summers(notes) DNP - Inactive
T. White(notes) DNP - Inactive
C. Wilcox(notes) DNP - Coach's Decision

Golden State Golden State

Team Statistics: Starters for Golden State Warriors
Starters Pos Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
M. Ellis(notes) G 31:19 9-18 2-2 7-9 +14 0 3 3 1 1 0 0 5 27
S. Curry(notes) G 29:30 7-14 2-3 5-5 +15 0 5 4 3 2 0 0 6 21
A. Biedrins(notes) C 31:10 4-5 0-0 1-2 -5 4 8 3 2 0 3 1 4 9
D. Wright(notes) F 45:09 5-15 1-6 5-5 +7 1 7 6 1 1 0 0 3 16
V. Radmanovic(notes) F 22:35 2-6 0-3 0-0 -13 1 2 4 0 2 0 0 0 4
Team Statistics: Bench for Golden State Warriors
Bench Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
Totals 36-85 7-18 22-27
14 44 22 12 13 5 3 25 101
Percentages .424 .389 .815
Team Rebounds: 7

UTAH  119 -  OKLAHOMA CITY   111:   108 (Utah)   115 (OKC)

NEW JERSEY  109 -  CLIPPERS   85 :  NJ 110 - LAC  96