Monday, January 2, 2012

How's THIS for one heck of an old year?

Downie Streahl, the uber-talented jazz singer, now from LA, posted this on her facebook page:

I don't know about you all....but last year was the year that I cried, loved, laughed, and learned like no other before........And I am happy for every feeling I felt in 2011. And I am happy that I have given myself permission to be human!!!!! And until we allow ourselves to feel all of the feelings we have we cannot know truly what it is to be human!

My sincerest prayer, for all of you, my readers, is that one year hence, each and every one of you will be able to say this of calendar year 2012, Insh'Allah!

The Lord has blessed human kind with an incredibly wide (and deep) range of feelings and fully intended that we experience them all - both the hi's and the lo's - the hi's for the joy and exhilaration; the lo's the better for us to understsand the human condition, especially those who live in almost constant pain and misery, that we might minister unto them, to bring them some small sweet relief, and to let them know that at all times, and in all places they are loved!