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Not all of my therapists have been toxic. One even helped me greatly (much to the concern of my loved ones, who were much happier when I was depressed).

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Constantine B. Bruns, PHD

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4500 147th StreetMidlothian, IL60445

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I've worked with Dr Bruns on and off (mostly off) the last 30 years. When I first started to see him, I hardly spoke. Then while driving to an appointment one day, I heard on the radio that Harry had died in an auto accident. I told Con the story. He asked me about Harry (he already knew about him; he just was so happy that something had hapened in my life to reawaken my interest. I asked, "But who will sing Harry's songs?" There was silence. Then I answered, "Well, I guess I'll have to."

Going in to our initial relationship, Dr Bruns made it clear that he only worked for "short" periods with patients, usually no more than 20 visits. On my 24th visit, I informed him that I would be needing him no more (which was not quite true, but, on only 3 different occiasions over the last 29 years did I see him again). I thanked him for not trying to impose hypno-therapy on me (we had tried it, but I hadn't seen any effect). He grinned just the slyest of grins, chuckled a bit, and then asked, "But Mark, do you really think I never gave you any post-hypnotic suggestions?"

From the moment he asked that question, my life changed forever. I had to figure out what post-hypnotic suggestions he had given me. And then, the light bulbs went on, and understanding illuminated my soul. It was when he had told me that I had a lot of energy, at a time when all I wanted to do was curl up and disappear. It seemed such an odd thing to say, under the circumstances. And in another seering flash of light, this too was illuminated: Anyone that could spend as much time hating themselves as I spent hating myself had a LOT of energy.

And then more riddles were answered, more mystery doors unlocked, and, as Con noted (I had to have ONE last session, to tell him of my isnights), "You have only begun to see the tip of the iceburg," and this was so incredibly insightful, so wondrously prescient.

For those gentle souls out there who for one reason or another spend much time engaged in self-loathing, you NEED to see Dr Bruns. He understands aspects of the human condition that are not even broached in college courses or learned papers of the psychological or psychiatric academic complex.

Kind, wise, insightful, very quick to understand many things from very little information. As fine a healer and practitioner of the psycho-therapuetic healing arts as I have ever encountered (and I have been victimized by dozens of credentialed Charlatans).

If you are dealing with an existential crisis, or just a grim, dreary, weary, ongoing sisyphean situation, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the opportunity to work, grow, learn, and become aware of many things that Dr Bruns will be able to guide to to, through, and around.

Get healthy. Stay healthy. Live life fully.