Thursday, July 19, 2012

So we can get insinuations for the "evilness of Iran" from a major German Newspaper equally as well as we can get it from an American politically agenda(ed) rag

Targeting IsraelisIndications Point to Iran in Bulgarian Bombing

An image taken from a surveillance camera purporting to show the suicide bomber who attacked a bus full of Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria on Wednesday.Zoom
AP/ Bulgarian Interior Ministry

An image taken from a surveillance camera purporting to show the suicide bomber who attacked a bus full of Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria on Wednesday.

The attack on Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria is a nightmare for Israeli security officials. For months, terrorists have been trying to strike at Israeli targets abroad -- and have now finally succeeded. It is thought to be part of the country's shadowy war with Iran and Hezbollah.

It is thought BY WHOM?  If I wanted idle speculation such as this, I could read the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page ... "it is thought" my ass

The suicide bomber was wearing plaid Bermuda shorts, a bright blue T-shirt, baseball cap, sunglasses and long hair. It was the perfect disguise; the young man looked just like a normal tourist. Oh Dear God in Heaven, we can't have terrorists looking like "normal tourists," now, can we?  What in the hell is a "normal tourist supposed to look like ... sounds like a slob, here.  For more than an hour on Wednesday afternoon, he lingered in the parking lot of the airport in Burgas, the Black Sea coastal town in Bulgaria, according to video taken by surveillance cameras. When 44 Israeli tourists climbed onto a bus at 5:30 p.m. on their way to a beach-front hotel, the imposter boarded as well.
Just seconds later, an explosion ripped through the bus as the attacker detonated an explosive he had likely hidden in his backpack. Six Israelis, the Bulgarian bus driver and the perpetrator died in the attack. Dozens of Israelis were injured, some of them seriously.

Initial indications, according to the reconstruction carried out by Israeli authorities flown in to investigate the attack, appear to point to the involvement of Iran and its allies, the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah. Investigators believe that the attackers specifically targeted Israelis traveling abroad, following a pattern similar to several other terror attacks and attempted bombings in previous months. The date of the attack has also aroused suspicion. Wednesday was the 18th anniversary of the attack on a Jewish cultural center in the Argentinean capital of Buenos Aires in which 85 people were killed. Argentina believes Argentina is a country, defined by man made borders ... Argentina is a man-made construct .... Argentina DOES NOT THINK ... Argentinian police, or whatever investigative agency tasked with looking into the bombinb PERHAPS thinks this, or perhaps they just say it, or perhaps they just believe it because it is a convenient thing to believe and feeds into a world wide agenda to make Iran out to be the muthah of all evils that Iran and Hezbollah were behind that assault and has issued an international arrest warrant for Iran's former president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

An additional clue to the Wednesday bombing is provided by the fact that Western documents were found on the attacker -- often an indicator of Iranian or Hezbollah involvement  Western documents indicate Iranian or Hezbollah involvement?  What would Iranian or Hezbollahian documents have suggested?. Investigators found a forged Michigan drivers license on the corpse of the suicide bomber, Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said on Thursday. DNA tests are currently being undertaken in an attempt to identify the attacker.

Targeting Israelis Overseas

It would likely come as no surprise to Israeli security were it determined that he came from either Iran or Lebanon  OF COURSE it would come to no surprise!  This is what they want to believe, and I can promise you, when you WANT to believe something, you can find all sorts of ways to convince yourself that what you believe IS. Intelligence officials in both Israel and abroad believe that recent months have seen an increase in attempts to stage terror attacks targeting Israelis traveling overseas WAIT a minute ... they BELIEVE that recent months have seen (months don't see) an increase in ATTEMPTS to stage terror attacks targeting ... Doesn't anybody keep statistics of these things?  Shouldn't we have some solid evidence, or some numbers (which could easily be fudged or even forged). Evidence indicates that most of those attempts were steered from Iran or from the southern suburbs of Beirut, where Hezbollah is based  Just what evidence are we talking about here?  More Michigan driver's licenses?.

In 2012 alone, terrorists made several (several? is this the complete list below?  Because the list looks suspiciously like FIVE attempts) attempts to target Israelis.

  • In January, authorities in Azerbaijan arrested two locals who, together with an Iranian agent, were planning to assassinate the Israeli ambassador in Baku and the senior rabbi of the city's Jewish community.
  • In February, the wife of an employee of the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi was injured when a bomb attached to her car exploded. On the same day, a similar attack was prevented in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The double attack came on the fourth anniversary of the death of Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh, who was killed in a February 2008 bomb attack in the Syrian capital of Damascus One can be reasonably sure that the Israelis have murdered members of Hezbollah on just about any day of the year ... any such attacks will always coincide with the date of some Israeli political assassination. Hezbollah has blamed Israel for being behind the attack  (But, Israel ALWAYS blames Hezbollah (a political organization that originally Israel supported, as an oppositionto Kadaffi).
  • Just two days later, a plot aimed at the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok was uncovered when several explosions went off just a few blocks away. The first blast, likely the result of carelessness, damaged the terror team's hideout. Iranian papers and money was later found in the house (What? No western documents? No Michigan drivers licenses?). Two of the three attackers, all of whom were Iranian citizens, were captured (Does it occur to the murdering rapacious Israeli Defense Force that murdering Palestinians alone is a way to enourage what are known as "lone wolf" terrorists who get no state support?  Probably not.  It doesn't occur to the US military, the White House, the House of Representatives of the Senate that the murder of innocent civilians that the US routinely commits (war crimes) are going to induce highly motivated individuals into acts of revenge). One managed to escape.
  • On July 2, it was revealed that the Kenyan secret service arrested two Iranians who ultimately led them to a location where they had hidden explosives. The two men are suspected of having planned attacks on a vacation resort frequented by Israelis. They had enough explosives to destroy a mid-sized hotel, according to Kenyan officials (But were their actions supported or sanctioned by the Iranian government?  Again ... see "lone wolf" theory of terrorists).
  • On July 14, Cypriot police arrested a 24-year-old Lebanese citizen following a tip-off from the Israeli secret service agency Mossad. The man was carrying a Swedish passport that was likely forged (Likely forged?  As in you mean they haven't had enough time to uncover whether or not it is a forgery or a bona fide pass port). According to Cypriot media reports, officials believe that the man had been planning a rocket attack on an airplane belonging to the Israeli airline Arkia (Which is NOT to say at all that the Iranian government is behind the actions ... in fact, quite the contrary ... as this report has made clear .... none of these people who have committed the acts of terror (I still think bombing civilian areas with hospitals and schools qualify as acts of terror - state sponsored terror - of course, Israel, and ESPECIALLY the US do such things routinely ... we call it ... fighting terrorism (note especially, "terrorism" as a tactic, can not in and of itself fight back ... what we call fighting terrorism is actually killing people, most of whom are not guilty of any capital crime, or, quite likely, any crime at all).
Israel, for its part, has not shied away from engaging in the proxy conflict. It is thought that the country is behind several deadly attacks in Tehran in recent years targeting nuclear scientists. Officially, Israel has made no comment, but behind the scenes some have boasted that the "long arm of Mossad has reached Tehran."  (This sure sounds like this so call "proxy conflict" is a one way thing ... when it comes to one state committing acts of terror against the other ... so, when your own government won't fight to defend its people, what that governments individuals to do?  What they are to do are matters of individual choice and consciousness)

The Israeli reaction to the attack in Burgas was prompt. First, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blustered about the threat of retaliation against "Iran's terror." Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon was more cautious, saying the country would, among other things, file a diplomatic initiative at the United Nations for Hezbollah to be placed on the list of international terrorist organizations. Israel would seem eager to defuse concerns that it might use the attack in Burgas as an excuse to make a first strike on Iran's nuclear program well, at least the proper terms are being used here:  Iran's nuclear program ... and NOT Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program ... which according to the IEAE does not exist!.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Ehud Barak discouraged criticism of Israeli intelligence services over their inability to stop the attack. The fact that the experts did not predict the bombing was a "mishap," not "negligence," he said (We did a similar thing in the US, as the W Bush (Cheney) administration fought like crazed animals to keep out of the public eye an analysis saying "Bin Laden Set to Strike US".

"The world is big and full of places where these people act," he added. "The success of our intelligence and of others has been great, but there are days that are painful, and yesterday was one such day."

David Böcking assisted in compiling this report