Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crimes in my area - as reported by the Northwest Suburban Daily Herald

A Park Ridge resident attacked and ripped the shorts off a 16-year-old girl on Aug. 15 around 5 p.m., Park Ridge police stated.

This ( 5 pm) qualifies as broad daylight.  An amazing thing to DO in broad daylight.

Anthony M. Nugent, 37, of Park Ridge, was charged with one count of aggravated battery, a class 3 felony. Nugent was also charged with misdemeanor possession of cannabis.

Wondering if this cretin thinks he will be able to get away with using, "BUT I was higher than a kite," defense.  (Shure hopes not)

According to police, the victim was walking in the 900 block of Home Avenue. At that time, Nugent allegedly asked the girl what she was carrying. The victim responded that it was a musical instrument and continued walking, (this is why we teach our children not to talk to strangers - anybody with a sober brain KNOWS when a child is carrying a musical instrument - this guy either (a) did not have half a brain, or (b) was simply trying to put a warned child off her guard) aid. Nugent then followed the victim and allegedly began acting aggressively when the victim refused to show him her instrument (or maybe he will use the "kid brought in her own slef, not showing her musical instrument to a stranger, and all that" defense;  this guy is a MAJOR CREEP. Nugent then allegedly grabbed the victim and threw her to the ground. A struggle ensued between the two and Nugent grabbed at the victim’s shorts and "ripped them," according to police. Nugent then began spanking the victim's buttocks numerous times, (the more you read, the more upsetting this story becomes - WTF - this CREEP had to have done similar things in the past - he MUST have a record somewhere; what is he doing out of a psych ward or prison?) police said.

A witness driving by the incident stopped and called 911, (GOOD CITIZEN - congratulations - a victory for the cell phone - such victories are, to my mind, damn few and damn far between)which caused Nugent to flee the area, according to police. Officers from the Park Ridge Police Department, however, were able to quickly find and locate Nugent.

The victim suffered bruises and abrasions  (I suspect that young Nugent will not be enjoying his jail time - and I refuse to believe he won't be sent) , police said. Nugent is currently being held on a $250,000 bond (and a damn good thing - if this guy gets I-bonded out, he WILL do the same thing again - it will be a compulsion; plus, he has been caught, plus he ain't even BEGUN to consider the consequences {by the time he does, he will be VERY depressed, and some clever attorney might be able to get him off by reason of temporary insanity, and then he will voluntarily check in to some worthless piece of shit psych ward where they simply CANNOT get enough Medicade patients). His court date is not yet available at this time.