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Joe Walsh - dummy or loose-lipped fool?

By JASON KEYSER - The Associated Press

Muslims denounce Rep. Walsh’s remarks

CHICAGO – Muslims in Chicago denounced Republican Congressman Joe Walsh’s comments to a town hall meeting that there are radical Muslims in this country who are “trying to kill Americans every week,” saying Friday that such remarks inspire hate crimes against minorities.

Walsh, a conservative tea party-backed politician from suburban Chicago, has acquired a reputation for contentious rhetoric during his first term and especially during his tough battle for re-election in November.

“One thing I’m sure of is that there are people here in this country – there is a radical strain of Islam in this country; it’s not just over there – trying to kill Americans every week,” Walsh told a meeting Wednesday in the suburb of Elk Grove. “It is a real threat. And it is a threat that is much more at home now than it was right after 9/11.”

He was responding to an audience member who said that he wanted to see members of Congress abandon political correctness and stand against what he called the “danger of Islam in America.”

Walsh thanked him for his comment and, raising his voice, shouted: “Enough with political correctness,” as the audience cheered.

The congressman said political correctness on the part of government allowed the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage to happen.

“Your government was so afraid of doing its job, so afraid of offending Islam that right in front of our noses we saw what was happening in Fort Hood,” he said. “And because your government was politically correct, Americans died.”

Walsh, who sits on the Homeland Security Committee, (if Joe's so-called "knowledge" of these groups planning on American lands another attack on Americans comes from his position on the Homeland Security Committe, and Joe was quite specific about what towns they were in, then he has compromised the investigative and infiltration work done by Homeland Security, and probably firhgtened away the destruction planning terrorists -- in which case, he is MANIIFESTLY UNFIT to hold the office he holds and be privy to the secrets he is privy too)said he frequently talks with high school classes and warns students that “it’s not a matter of if another 9/11 happens ... it’s a matter of when.”(Virtually the entire Homeland Security aparatus believes this, that there WILL be another attack (other attacks) on American soil ... now, as to where they are being plotted, MOST people would suggest in places like, well, where 9-1-1 was plotted - in Germany, in Saudi Arabia, in PAkistan, in "Yemen)  Interestingly, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman ran a story recently about how the New York Police Department had been spying on Muslims for years, in their mosques, and work places, and in all that time had not found ONE actionable tip or clue to subversive planning - leading one to conclude either that the NYPD does not know how to do it's job, OR - more the likely, that there is none of this planning going on in the Mosques, places of work, etc, etc - which would be very consistent with my experiences, which include a conversation in the mosque, initiated by one of my muslim sisters, who flat-out stated, "The only reason we came to America was to make money" - ah, the great American dream - this sister was RIGHTFULLY concerned about the impact American Consumerist / War-mongering culture would have on Muslim children / grand children / school children, etc, and SO AM I.

The Chicago chapter of the Council on America-Islamic Relations said Walsh’s remarks point to an effort by some Republicans to make Americans fearful of fellow Americans.

The group’s director, Ahmed Rehab, said that such remarks encourage hate crimes and acts of vandalism.

“When elected officials, trusted by many, indicate that the enemy could be any Muslim living in your neighborhood, it gives rise to xenophobic vigilantism where fearful citizens target other Americans for simply looking different,” Rehab said.

It’s not the first time Walsh has stirred emotions with his public remarks since winning an upset victory (this was SO NOT an upset victory - it's just that I'm the onlly political analyst in the world who called the election for Joe in October, 2010, the day I met him - I get out of the house, and I talk with people, and on that day, when I met him, I met a man who could find common ground with ANYBODY - he has a real skill for that, it is very holpful to him as a politician - however, the way we judge (or the way we OUGHT to judge) our politicians is to LOOK AT THE RECORD, LOOK AT THE RECORD, LOOK AT THE RECORD - you will find that almost no "serious" mainstream media political analsysts EVER looks at the record, much less ever gets out to "the poorer quarters where the wretched people go" where there is an anger, a resentment, that is palpable - life long Republicans vowing up and down to never again vote for another Republican as long as this current crop of rancid, poisoness party of no-sayers is voted out of office - what these Lifer Republicans apparnetly have not get grasped, is that IN AMERICA, today, we have but one political party, although part of it dresses in "skins" and the other part dresses in "shirts" - both parties exist but to serve the international corporations which freely bribe these elected officials with "campaign contributions"  both parties (with damn few exceptions) bow down and pledge their fealty to international corporations (and thus, the war machine) - voters were SO distressed at Melissa Bean, that they shed her like a moth-eaten winter jacket worn in July - she was just another coporate whore - so is Joe) in his suburban Chicago district in 2010 as part of a Republican surge in Illinois.

In May, he told a crowd at a town hall meeting that the Democratic Party’s “game” is to make Latinos dependent on government just like “they got African-Americans dependent upon government.”

(Does anybody remember that the only way FDR could get the support in Congress he needed to pass Social Security legislation was to DENY SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS TO DOMESTICS (these would be blacks) and black share croppers - so, not exactly sure how THIS got African-Americans dependent upon government ... Christ on a Cross, the only things African Americans are dependent upon the government for is incarceration - fully one in three blacks between the agest oa 18 and 29 are incarceratred.

He also made headlines when he accused his election opponent, Tammy Duckworth, of talking too much about injuries the Democrat suffered as a pilot in the Iraq War. Duckworth lost both legs when her helicopter was shot down.

JOE WALSH - dumb as dirst

Blows smoke in your face

Fear mongering racist

Vote for him, if this is what makes your clock tick!

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