Saturday, December 8, 2012

CENSORED 2012: Top 25 Unreported Stories of 2010-2011

Top 25

Censored 2012: Stories of 2010-2011

1. More US Soldiers Committed Suicide Than Died in Combat

2. US Military Manipulates the Social Media

3. Obama Authorizes International Assassination Campaign

4. Global Food Crisis Expands

5. Private Prison Companies Fund Anti–Immigrant Legislation

6. Google Spying?

7. U.S. Army and Psychology’s Largest Experiment–Ever

8. The Fairytale of Clean and Safe Nuclear Power

9. Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification

10. Censored # 10: Real Unemployment: One Out of Five in US

11. Trafficking of Iraqi Women Rampant

12. Pacific Garbage Dump—Did You Really Think Your Plastic Was Being Recycled?

13. Will a State of Emergency Be Used to Supersede Our Constitution?

14. Family Pressure on Young Girls for Genitalia Mutilation Continues in Kenya

15. Big Polluters Freed from Environmental Oversight

16. Sweatshops in China Are Making Your iPods While Workers Suffer

17. Superbug Bacteria Spreading Worldwide

18. Monsanto Tries to Benefit from Haiti’s Earthquake

19. Oxfam Exposes How Aid Is Used for Political Purposes

20. US Agencies Trying to Outlaw GMO Food Labelling

21. Lyme Disease: An Emerging Epidemic

22. Participatory Budgeting – A Method to Empower Local Citizens & Communities

23. Worldwide Movement To Ban or Charge Fees For Plastic Bags

24. South Dakota Takes Extreme Measures to Be the Top Anti–Abortion State

25. Extension of DU to Libya