Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's so gratifying to be appreciated for what you do. Why don't more people take the time to say, "thanks?"

Thanks to everyone who helped deliver the Freedom of Speech in Chicago petition today! Thanks to the 9,500 signers so far!

We delivered the Freedom of Speech in Chicago petition to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office today at about 12:30. There were about thirty petition deliverers.

At the time of delivery the petition had 9,500+ signatures (as of this email, there are over 11,000!)

We began with a rally at Daley Plaza at 11:45 with signs that stated “We Want Peaceable Assembly Rights for Occupy Chicago”. Wyl Villacres, the petition writer, read the First Amendment to the Constitution stating the rights of citizens to peaceably assemble and to petition our government for redress. We used the Human Microphone, in which the speaker says a phrase and the group echoes his or her words.

Then, using the Human Microphone, Wyl read some of your comments from the petition. At 12:15 we marched to City Hall chanting “We Want Peaceable Assembly Rights for Occupy Chicago”. All of us were allowed to go in the building and to go to the 5th floor to the mayor’s office. We read the petition and cover letter using the Human Microphone. We requested to meet with Mayor Emmanuel.

Word came that a representative would come out to receive the petition. While we waited we chanted “We Want Peaceable Assembly Rights for Occupy Chicago”. We also gave a shout out to teachers, libraries and librarians, police, mental health resources, students, and more. The acoustics in front of the Mayor’s office are terrific, we note.

Mr. Andy Orellana, Press Aide, Mayor’s Press Office,, 312-744-4351, came out to meet us. Wyl read the cover letter and petition to Mr. Orellana, and handed it to him. We then left, chanting “We Want Peaceable Assembly Rights for Occupy Chicago” as we entered the elevators.

Later, at General Assembly at Occupy Chicago there was an announcement that the Mayor’s office is tallying phone calls in favor or against allowing Occupy Chicago to have a base in Grant Park where they can remain 24/7. To speak out call Dial 311 (within Chicago), If calling from outside of Chicago, call: 312.744.5000 (Note: If you can’t get through at 311 in Chicago call the 312.744.5000 number)

Please keep the petition going! We need more folks to support peaceable assembly rights for Occupy Chicago!

Nancy Wade
Co-Organizer, Deliver the Freedom of Speech in Chicago Petition