Friday, November 4, 2011

The Annointed One; The Chosen One; The Kenyan Kandidate

Y'all should venture into the world of Black intellectuals - specifically The Black Commentator

One of that brilliant weekly e-zines weekly contributors wrote a piece entitled "Barack Obama is no black man"

Another of its weekly contributors posed this question to me: "What 27-year old man shows up in the City of Chicago, gets a million plus dollar job in a law firm, gets to teach at the U of C, marries into one of Chicago's more prominent black families (the most prominent one with a marriage-aged daughter readily available), gets picked to run for the Illinois State Senate, gets to deliver the key note address at the 2004 Democratic National convention?"

Who ever heard of this guy before? Where did he come from? HE WAS THE ANNOITED ONE, THE CHOSEN ONE, AND THE CHOOSING WAS DONE LONG, LONG, TIME AGO.

Hiding in plain sight, really, until you think about it.

Interesting parentage: Harvard-educated Kenyan father,
Lily-white mother
Is it even barely possible
that at some time in the not so distant past
one of the Harvard-educated (an oxymoron, to be sure)
CIA operatives hit upon a plan
A plan for a "post-racial" America
Led by the face of a person of colour
And while that face would be a thing of beauty
And his brain could be trained to mouth all the right platitudes
With the conviction of a black Baptist Minister
Awash with the Holy Spirit

Who could have hatched such a plan?
All random, the events as they transpired, so you say
So you think
But I say
"Henry Kissinger"
He, the "good Kraut" (the war criminal who dares not set foot
on the soil of many nations of this earth, for he would risk
immediate arrest and deportation to the Hague, where he would
be tried as a war criminal, and could look forward to a guilty
convinction, and the spending of the measure of his days
in solitary confinement

Yes, Henry Kissinger could have conceived just such a plan

James Baker III, who effectively operated at POTUS from the
moment Ronald Reagan was shot ... Baker would have seen
immediately just how much America loves an actor - although
for the Gipper, it might merely have been that they loved
his avuncular ways (having forgotten, or perhaps never known
that he was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party --
Only in America

Who showed unto "the powers that be"
The corporate and wealth elites of this nations
and their lap dogs, permitted to sit and eat from the same table -
the media elites (who tend not to make anywhere near the money
(and the academic elites - who assuredly do not make anywhere near the money
But, in fact are absolutely essential cogs in the machine
The machine the grinds up and spits out human beings
But keeps the $$$GRAVY TRAIN$$$ rollin' in green
Although limits the stops that train makes
To destinations only of certain zip codes
and even within those certain zip codes
only to MUCH smaller neighborhoods

To have a pleasing face
On a President of the United States
Who could read his lines
And hit his marks
THAT - is corporate America's wet dream
And THAT is precisely what they's got
AND precisely what they'll get again and again and again and again

UNLESS - as I do surely believe
The system is so god-damned broke that it is beyond all repair
While the world waits
To watch and see
If America (the American Material Way of Life)
Ends not with a bang (it is to be feared that we WILL go down, gunz a blazin'
but with a whimper (we will go down, gunz a blazin' all the while askin'


Ask the wrong question
And you will get the wrong answer
Time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time ...