Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughts on the serial woman groper, Republican Presidential Candidate Cain

This story has been getting a lot of ink in the Chicago Tribune, once a great newspaper, now just a cost-cutting excuse to sell advetising space to idiots, like those in our household, who are willing to pay the Trib to have their ads delivered on our driveway every morning about 4:30 am.

There are allegations, made by women, who are identified by name, that Cain groped them in automobiles. Cain's wife is disgusted by the allegations. Both women named are registered Republicans. The one who has not gotten an out-of-court settlement can't seem to go anywhere without the papers reporting the number of bankruptcies she has filed, as if the number of bankruptcies she has filed has ANYTHING in the world to do with whether or not this serial groper groped her. This women is engaged to a man in whose home she is living, with her 13-year old child, who was apparently born out of wedlock. Her husband is very supportive of her for telling this fairly sordid, but too 'oft repeated story, of how an attractive woman, having lost her job, gets inspired by an inspirational speaker who happens to be the owner of a very large and successful company, as well as an executive with the National Restuarant Association.

At an NRA dinner, she was so impressed with him, that she took the time to talk with him, and tell her story, in the hopes that he might be able to help her get a job. While in the car, he forced himself on her, acting like the typical male pig, for whom the thinking goes like this:

Hot chick digs me.
Hot chick wants something from me.
Hot chick hopes I can get her a job.
Sure, hot chick, I can get you a job.
But, hey hot chick, you know you WANT me.
Because I'm a REAL MAN.
So, here, because you want me,
Let me put my hand up your dress
to fondle your genitals,
and let me put my other hand
on your head, to better guide it
while you give me some head.
Quid pro quo, hey baby!

Interesting scenario, and as I said, one that plays out often enough. Although, hopefully, neither of them was driving, which leads me to conclude that SOMEWHERE out there is a limo driver who knows enough about the facts of this story to confirm or deny one way or the other, BUT, since Cain undoubtedly paid for the limo, unless the guy says, "Yeah he groped her and tried to make her suck his dick," his story will be tainted by the guy who's got the big green.

Let's logic this out. The woman has an attorney. Her fiance has a good job, that pays decent bucks, and can afford the nice house he is living in, where she stays, now a stay-at-home mom, which is probably a great deal for her (don't we all wish every mom who wanted to be a stay-at-home mom could be; it would go a long ways towards bringing back some balance into the lives of children, many of whom only see their parents at supper time, and even then, not for too long at all). The attorney ought to be competent, and ought to have adivsed this woman that she will be subject to much media scrutinty, that her child will learn of this, that her family, friends, relatives, will learn of this; that she will be dragged through the mud by a very powerful, wealthy, and likely vindictive man whose political career is about to explode in his face. It will be very painful, very stressful, a very trying time.

And yet, knowing this going in, she goes ahead, tells her story, and allows herself to be identified.

All the while, the newspaper and the TV news keep harping about her bankruptcies, some of which are recent.

About those bankruptcies. I'd really like to know the names of the banks and/or savings and loans that gave her the damn loans in the first place (with her history of defaulting and declaring bankruptcy). THIS to me is the REAL STORY, the subtext. What in the world induced her loan officers to give her the bank's money?

Well, we can fairly well logic this out too. She is an attractive woman, dresses nicely, speaks well. Face it, she's hot. She has also undoubtedly learned how to use her female charms to flatter men, to make them feel as if she appreciates them, likes them, perhaps for more than merely their place in her life as a loan officer; perhaps, if they do this thing for this hot chick, she will put out for them later on.

Guys, we THINK like this, and we take eye-to-eye contact, and a woman being comfortable in our presence as a SIGN, a SIGNAL, "She likes me; she thinks I'm hot; she WANTS ME!"

Face it, guys, we cam be PIGS in this arena.

Nobody teaches the class on "How to deal with a hot chick that gets your dick-to-twitchin' while she tries to advance her career or her life-style but she doesn't want your advances, just what you can do to help her 101."

Vivacious, attractive, even flirty women grab out attention. Hell, vivacious, attractive women grab our attention. HELL, WOMEN grab our attention. Even Jimmy Carter had "lust in his heart." (I do not find credible the alleged words of Jesus of Nazareth, "even if you have lust in your heart, you have been unfaithful to your wife," UNLESS, he was just making an observation - hey dawg, you see that fine female stuff and you would risk everything in a heart beat for somethin' that ain't gonna be real, and ain't gonna last more than a couple of minutes, GROW UP, Y'ALL."

So, should we the people hold it against Cain that he's a serial groper? AND, if you think about it for any length of time at all, he might NOT EVEN REMEMBER IT, because, this was the National Restuarant Association's dinner, and, be assured, the drinks were flowing to over-flowing, and the guy WAS NOT SOBER, and may in fact not even remember (putting the most charitable construction on all that he does, here). Which just makes him a drunken serial groper.

So, does this disqualify him from potentially beind POTUS?

Hell, we've had nothing but war criminals in the Office of the President of the United States since Kennedy, and it doesn't seem to bother us at all.

Personally, I'd rather have a drunken serial groper who would STOP ALL THE WARS. At least he just leaves psychic wounds. This would be a splendid improvement in the human condition around the world.