Friday, December 2, 2011

ओन्स्किऔस्नेस्स रैसेद!

Seismic Insights; Cosmic Understandings; Meta- and Uber- well communicated.

Heard just this evening for the first time ever your interpretation of Gordon Light Foot's Song for a Winter's Eve and I am trembling with emotion - this is as unique and brilliant a rendering of a cover as anything I have ever heard and you not only capture all of what the original was, and a little more - you send one's mind reeling through an entirely different prism of experience, joy, and delight. Warmest regards, and best wishes always for your art and musical sensitivities; and your deep, deep, and profoundly insightful view of the human condition.

I segue from Summertime (Porgy & Bess) into my own rendering of this tune, but I've never explored to such infinite depths of emotional soul-filled, soul-bleeding humanity as this. I've learnt a great lesson.

Be well, be blessed, you are beloved, my dear, dear friend, and faithful followers.