Friday, December 23, 2011

Wendy and Richard end their sailing adventure, begun last April - Wendy is such a fantstic chronicler!

Preveza, Wednesday 12th October 2011

We have made our way here via Paxos and Emerald Bay, Anti-Paxos where we met up again with Shirley & Colin on Silent Wings. Still gloriously sunny and warm and the sea really is a clear greeny blue. We made our way together to Preveza and timing has been perfect. We arrived here just ahead of the weather and it has thundered and rained since. Spent 3 nights on the free town quay, whilst sussing out the next steps. Preveza town is across a mile wide inlet from the boatyards - there is a tunnel connecting the two that is for vehicles only - no pedestrians or bicycles.

We got a town map from a nice lady in the town hall / public information office. It turned out her brother worked in the tunnel office - she gave him a ring and arranged for us to go to the tunnel office, wave at the camera, he would see us and get a chap in a truck to come and pick us and bikes up, take us through the tunnel and to the marina. After a couple of hours when we were ready to come back, we were to cycle to the tunnel entrance, wave again at the camera, and eventually truck would appear to take us back across. No charge! And it did sort of work like that. We went to the marina, to confirm our lift out for Monday, 10th (we had kept changing our minds, trying to judge when would be least wet and windy). It looks a good yard, much better than Cagliari, and they are extremely helpful.

They also advised us we needed to get our Dekpa transit form signed and stamped by the Port Authorities in Preveza town before we could be lifted - we duly went along and were bemused by the variations in bureaucracy. We were signed in and out, stamped three times, had our boat papers and passports photocopied and told to come back in the spring to go through the whole process again before putting the boat back in the water. This is not some central database. All these bits of paper go into the chasm of a rusty filing cabinet and stay there I am sure.

So we have taken sails off (before the rains), spread out and packed up on Preveza town quay in view of passing tourists and locals. Then over to the boatyard side and into the "box" in readiness for the slings first thing next morning. After an uncomfortable windy night, we were lifted in improving conditions and had the rest of Monday and all Tuesday in sunshine to carry out all those jobs necessary for putting a boat to bed for the winter. We had a Swedish chap come and ask if we wanted to sell our boat! He asked 3 times and left his card - persistent so-and-so.

Today a fascinating 5 hr journey by bus along the Gulf of Corinth, past Patras and Delphi, to Athens to fly home - time to go, it has been a long journey and very good. But looking forward to home time.

Closing off this year's trip. We'll be back next April to start the Eastern Med adventure - probably mostly Greece, but may end up in Turkey. Who knows. Really looking forward to that part of the journey - we feel we have finally arrived!

Καλη νύχτα (Kale nikta). Αντίο μέχρι το επόμενο έτος (bye until next year). xx to all. Wendy & Richard & "Myrica"


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