Saturday, August 25, 2012

Facts about gunman in Empire State Building shooting

Who was Jeffrey Johnson? Facts about gunman in Empire State Building shooting

August 24The
Washington Post

Jeffrey Johnson, 58, shot and killed a former colleague Friday morning outside the Empire State Building. Johnson’s brazen attack — he shot his victim, Steven Ercolino, in broad daylight — and the chaos it sparked has various news organizations and individuals trying to find out more about him. So far, this is what we know:

• The attack stemmed from a workplace dispute: Johnson worked for Hazan Import Corp. as a designer of women’s accesories for six years, according to New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Johnson lost his job about a year ago when the company downsized, according to Kelly. Johnson’s victim was Steven Ercolino, a vice president of sales at Hazan. Citing a police report, NBC New York said that in 2011, while riding in an elevator together, Johnson told Ercolino, “I am going to kill you.”
• Johnson’s routine: Nearly every morning, Johnson would leave his apartment building on the Upper East Side and walk to the neighborhood McDonald’s before returning with a bag of food, according to a neighbor who was interviewed by the New York Times. Today, Jonson left the building like he always had, but didn’t return.

• Johnson was an artist and illustrator: According to a cached version of Johnson’s LinkedIn page, he attended the well-regarded Ringling School of Art & Design. He also owned his own T-shirt design company called St. Jolly T-Shirt Co. The T-shirt company’s Web site shows designs for iron-on transfers. The drawings are mostly centered around cars, jets and motorcycles. The drawings are signed by Johnson and some include cartoon women standing next to the vehicles.

• The gun: NBC New York: “Johnson had no criminal record. His handgun was purchased in Florida in 1991, two law enforcement sources said. He was not licensed to carry in New York City.”