Friday, August 24, 2012

Story of My Life - written by my son, Adam James Ganzer, as a 7th grade writing assignment in 1997, when he was 13 years old

Story of My Life

     Let's start at the beginning.  I was born in 1984 in Skokie (Illinois).  After that my mom and I moved back to my grandpa's house for protection.  You see, my dad is a manic depressive and takes medicine for that.  Apparently he stopped taking his medicine a short while after I was born so my mom got a divorce.  I don't know what he was like when he stopped taking his medication, but it must have been bad enough for a divorce.  A few years later he starting taking his pills again and now I see him every weekend.

     I started going to preschool when I was three.  I remember I had a nightmare of a teacher.  I used to hide in a bean bag pile whenever I thought she got made at me.  Later, I attended kindergarten at a Catholic school.  There I met most of the friends I would have through fifth grade.  That year, I had eye surgery.  Apparently, I had a lazy eye so I had to have it lasered.

     The next year is what I call the year of grief.  During one winter's break in Colorado I had a very traumatic experience.  My mom was on a chair lift in front of me and I had just gotten on when I was knocked down.  My mom had to be a hero and jumped off the lift about 10 feet in the air and hit her jaw.  I was all right but she wasn't.  She was taken to a hospital where they examined her jaw.  Dogots couldn't find any thing wrong with her, but she had a fever of 104 degrees.  After five days of intensive care, they found anfection that nearly killed her.

     Also that same year, my cousin Nathan's baby brother Noel died.  He was retarded.  He was four y ears old but did less than a six month old.  He was hooked up to a breathing machine and couldn't even walk.  He died on January 4th and everyone was devastated, especially my Aunt Becky.

     At the end of 5th grade, I changed schools and went to Barrington Middle School.  I thought it woulbe be great fun.  I thought I would meet new kids and that homework there would be a cinch.  I thought wrong.  The school was huge and I never got to class on time.  The kids were mean there.  I guess it was because I was the "new kid."  The homework was hard and I was constantly missing work.

     My mom knew that something was srong, so she had me take a psychiatric evaluation test.  Thre were some weird tests such as ink blots and I remember that I had to draw a tree and a house.  There was one test that had a machine that lit up three different numbers and I had to state whenever I saw a number four and so on.  It tunred out that I was depressed over my situation at middle school and that I had A. D. D. (attention deficiet disorder).

     You see there are two types of A. D. D.  There is one in which the person exhibits hyper-activity (such as Joe) and one wehre the person displays hypoactivity.  I had the hypo-active kind and I tend to get more tired or groggy.  Ite comes easily to me to not pat attention, for instance if I get a song in my head, I might not hear anything else.

     After middle school, we figured out that I didn't function well in a large school, se we looked for something smaller.  We heard about a little school named Summit.  They featured small classrooms and an accelerated learning program.  I heard that Nathan was going there and that made my decision for me.

     The teacher at Summit was a goofy old fellow named Mr. Tecktiel.  He looked like he belonged in a circus more than in school.  One day, my cousin and I were wrestling during recess (we do this all the time).  Something wnet wrong and my arm got dislocated.  It had to be in a case for two months.  Nathan felt that he was to blame.  During the time I was at Summit in 7th grade, I spent more time with Nathan than on my studies and my grades fell.

     The next year at Summit, I saw that things had changed.  The class that used to be 17 was now onlyl 9 and we had a new teacher.  She gave me a hard time and a lot of homework.  I started to play the drums that year also.  I love them and I am considering playing professionally.

     Anywah, that pretty much sums it up.  I hope you learned a lot about me and my life.