Sunday, August 5, 2012

If you really care about the ideals of the giants that once reigned as POTUS who were elected as members of the Democratic Party, then in the next Presidential election, you must vote for ABBO - Any Body But Obama

Mitt?  As a viable candidate to win a Presidential election against an incumbent?  An incumbent who "got" Bin Laden?  An incumbent who is favored by the Press Corpse?  An incumbent who gives good speech?  An incumbent who has declared the War Upon the Peoples of Iraq to be Over, and now "the troops" can come home (even though there will ALWAYS be U.S. troops in Iraq; they will just be called Embassy Guards, or Advisors to the Iraqi Government) - in other words, a President who "got us out of Iraq" (even though he has not; and will not; and he wants not).  A President who has curried the favor of the FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) sectors since he began his campaign for re-election on 5 November, 2008?  A President who, as President-elect, picked up the TARP and Bail Out Standard and helped ram them through, saving the largest investment banks with the largesse of the corporate teat fund - otherwise known as the taxes of the American People?  A President who, now, as  Barry come lately, has come out "in favor of" Gay Marriage (took a while for that principled stand to be taken)?  A President who, all the long, has continued to curry the favor of Israel, the one and singular nation with whom the U.S. is in an arms race (because we give that country our latest military hardware, and we vote Israel's politically stated interests on the floor of the United Nations, and use our power to assure that Israel can continue to commit war crimes upon the Palestinian peoples WITH THE BLESSINGS OF THE U.S. "powers that be," our military, political, media, and academic "elites," who continue, because they are such cowards, to believe that Iran is a threat to the existence of the tenuous state of Israel?"

A President who, because of his de jure status as a Democratic President can cut, with impunity, social security, benefits (and has, although the cuts are not yet felt - this is the new way to take a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down - pass tax cuts that extend years into the future - pass benefit cuts that don't take hold for years).

A President who has made the path straight and clear for Goldman Sachs to dictate U.S. monetary, military, and foreign and domestic economic policies?

Consider carefully the cluster fuck that is about to become the U.S. "economy," by which I most assuredly DO NOT MEAN THE DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE.  With unemployement / underemployement figures routinely understated by over 60% (reported unemployment rate of 8.5% as opposed to an actual figure more closely resembling 22.5%); with inflation figures not calculated so as to omit the cost of food and fuel (CORE INFLATION), in order to keep social security payments artificially low, with measures of the money supply no longer even published, in order to hide just how much money the U.S. government is counterfeiting (when the government prints it, they call it "QUANTITATIVE EASING;" when you or I print it, it's called "COUNTERFEITING).

Mitt?  As a viable candidate to defeat an incumbent?  Who is gonna be Mitt's "better half (V-P)?"  If it is any one other than Mike Huckabee, or Sarah Palin, then kiss good-bye the hard-core Christian Fundamentalist homophobic force women to be vessels for birth and birth alone Right, those who are the foot soldiers in the actual election, the winning of which involves (usually, but not necessarily always) getting more votes in the Electoral College than the other candidate.  But, with no candidate to inspire the Fundies, it will be extremely difficult for the Republicans to steal Ohio again (but, by limiting the number of voting stations, and making them as inaccessible as possible in the traditionally Democratic voting locations - the big cities, with large black populations, the liberal college campuses), the Republicans may yet again be able to suppress voting in sufficient to gain victory in Ohio.  By removing in Florida another 50+ thousand black / hispanic eligible voters, the Republicans may once again be able to win Florida, and, with Hispanics realizing, Barry-O has not really done anything for THEIR community (nor, for that matter, has he done anything for ANY community, except for the community of the 1% - the extremely well off), it may not be possible to win FLA anyway.

But what a mess the winner of Presidential Election 2012 will face.  Face it.  The Republican Party DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT for the term 2013-2016, because, with control of the house, the senate, the supreme court, AND the Presidency, it will become undeniable just how badly their "solutions" (lower taxes, lower taxes, lower taxes, lower taxes) to all the economic woes that have ensnared the economy and made life for working people miserable are.  

If Romney wins the election in 2013, the Republicans will essentially be out of office in both the Executive and Administrative branches for the next 20 years.  If Obama wins the election in 2013, this country will not elect another Democrat for another 20 years.

It is the Perfect Storm.

The unavoidable cluster fuck as reality returns to bite that hand, the mouth, the media, the whores that tried to deny it dictates that even the most unobservant of the sheeple will not be able to deny the reality of the corporate whores are have been tasked with making the lives of ordinary citizens better, through the power of the democratic process, by using the power of the vote, of each and every individual to bend and break the will and inclinations of the politicians to actually fit and suit the hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations of the 99%.

If you believe that the Democratic Party can be redeemed (I do not believe that it can be), you must vote for Any Body But Obama come November, 2012, when I WILL be working as an election judge.

Mark Ganzer
5 August, 2012