Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hate War - Always - we must part 7

(MG) Juan Cole reports on the deaths of 10 US troops on Memorial Day.

Guerrillas Ambush, Kill 10 US GIs

As best I can piece it together, Sunni Arab guerrillas in Iraq ran a sophisticated sting on US troops in Diyala province on Memorial Day, killing 8 GIs. First, they shot down a helicopter with small arms fire. Two servicemen died in the crash. The guerrillas knew that a rescue team would come out to the site. So they planted a roadside bomb that killed the rescuers. And, they knew that yet another rescue team would come out to see what happened to the first. So they planted roadside bombs and destroyed the second team, as well. Altogether 6 rescuers were blown up in this way. The guerrillas run this routine on Iraqi police and troops in the capital all the time. As US troops increasingly take on policing duties, they become vulnerable to the same operations that have wrought such mayhem on Iraqi security forces.

(MG) Can someone explain this to me, please? With 123,000 mercenaries subcontracted by the U.S. government, why are US troops "increasingly [taking] on policing duties"? Is this what they signed up for? Is this what the GAP wants our troops to be doing?

(MG) Damn all the Democrats who voted for the funding of the war bill to hell. (There is already a special circle reserved for the republicans)

(MG) Get our troops out NOW.