Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mike Gavel's Platform Positions

(MG) Because of my opposition to the continuing invasion and occupation of Iraq, I've vowed to never again support a war monger for President. There are at least five declared candidates calling for withdrawal from Iraq. Not surprisingly, none are front runners.

(MG) Special consideration is due to Mike Gavel based on his record. The part where he read into the Congressional Record The Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam War provided to him by Daniel Ellsberg. No other politician took such a pro-active position to inform the American people of the lies, deceits and obfuscations of this nation's invasion, occupation, and slaughter of the Vietnamese peoples.

Former Senator Mike Gavel's Issues:

The War in Iraq: Immediate and orderly withdrawal of troops followed by aggressive diplomacy

Iran: I firmly oppose a military confrontation with Iran and advocate a diplomatic solution to the current situation.

National Initiative for Democracy: Empower Americans and turn every citizen into a lawmaker by enacting a national initiative.

A Fair Tax: Eliminate the income tax and replace it with a progressive national sales tax.

Global Warming / Climate Change: We must reduce America’s carbon footprint in the world by passing legislation that caps emissions and improve energy efficiency while generating more energy from low-carbon sources.

Universal Healthcare Vouchers: A National Health Care Voucher plan will provide health care for all Americans.