Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011
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Qaddafi envoy inLondon

Top news: A senior aide to Saif al-Qaddafi is reportedly in London forsecret talks with British authorities. Following yesterday's defection ofForeign Minister Moussa Koussa, rumors have swirled of other high-profile defections from the Qaddafi regime. Ali Abdussalam el-Treki, a former U.N. envoy who had also reportedly defected on Thursday, denied the rumors, but said that he is trying to negotiate a ceasefire. Libyan officials have now posted guards to prevent other defectors from leaving.
Members of NATO are warning Libya's rebels not to attack civilians, or they will face the same airstrikes that have been directed at Qaddafi's troops. The BBC is reportingthat seven civilians were allegedly killed in a coalition airstrike near Brega.
Disagreement is emerging within the international coalition as to whether the U.N. resolution allows countries to arm Libya's rebels. U.S. officials have suggested that the United States will not take this step, while France says it intends to do so.
The Libyan opposition announced that they have signed an oil deal with Qatar, providing a much-needed source of revenue.
Ivory Coast: Troops supporting internationally recognized President Alassane Ouattara have surrounded incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo's residence in preparation for a final assault.