Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Muslim Scholar Thanks a Christian for their meeting in the inter-faith diaglogue

Dear John

 be with you.

I enjoyed meeting with you and my friend of some time, Mick Enger.

I am glade you took an initiative to extend invitation to us and showed a willingness to
develop a dialogue and series of meeting and lectures so that we understand each other better and try to remove the "Fear of unknown". 

In this meeting we agreed to have two types of formats.

Initially I will give a lecture to your group at your church to let them know what Muslims believe in and how they practice their faith.

Second lecture I will give again at your facility in which i will talk about the life of the Prophet of Islam.

90 to 98 % Americans have no idea about Islam. What ever they know about Islam is from their Bible study classes, mostly from the printed media, talk shows and TV- which is not not correct and not complimentary.
ot complimentary.
On the contrary an average Muslim has a good working knowledge of Christianity because Jesus (Peace be up on him) and Moses (Pace be up on him) have been mentioned in Holy Qur'an numerous times.

Muslims regard Christians and Jews as "People of Book". You will never hear a Muslim talking bad about any of these prophets. Allah says in Holy Qur'an " Christians and Jews who perform good deed will receive their reward on the Day of Judgment." You will never hear a Muslim saying that Christianity is an evil religion or it a Satanic faith. 

We will arrange a lecture given by you at our 
Mosque (Masjid)in which you can talk on a subject of your choice.  

 More than 75 % Americans we believe are simple hearted people, they need to receive correct and authentic information  about Islam then i do not think there will be any problem among us.

In the second format we will have a 
panel discussionsfollowed by Q & A. 
on a given subject follows by Q&A 
Your effort John will go a long way in developing better relationship among different groups of people. 

I am sharing this email with my other Christian friends who can also join us or establish their own partnership with us on these similar lines.  

With kind regards

Dr. Khalid Abdus Sami