Friday, April 8, 2011

  • Unearthed Photo: Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton

    posted by Erin Carlson - Thu Apr 7 2011, 11:04 AM PDT
    Alex Wong/Getty Images
    See the resemblance?

    Once upon a time, Julianne Moore was in talks to play Hillary Clinton in the HBO political drama "The Special Relationship," which aired last May. Before she dropped out of the project to join the cast of "The Kids Are All Right," the ginger actress did a makeup test and the left photo was taken. BlackBook Magazine writer Nick Haramis unearthed the image while browsing portfolios of makeup artists.
    While we don't quite buy Moore as a dead ringer for Clinton, her short coiff -- most likely a wig -- is pretty spot-on. The first-lady power jacket is another nice touch.
    Moore looking more like Moore.
    Jon Furniss/WireImage
    Truth is, Moore is far too beautiful to portray the Secretary of State. That's not a knock against Clinton, who navigated the macho world of politics through brains rather than beauty; for Hollywood stars like Moore, the road to fame is often the other way around. It's not surprising that HBO would choose Moore over actresses who convincingly resemble Clinton -- the entertainment industry can be superficial like that. (See: Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks as better-looking Bushes in "W.")

    When Moore backed out of the HBO role, Hope Davis stepped in to replace her. Davis, a talented thespian a la Moore, was a much better choice.
    Next up on the Moore-as-big-name-politician-in-an-HBO-movie agenda: portraying Sarah Palinin "Game Change." Was Tina Fey too busy? If there's anyone Moore looks less like thanHillary Clinton, it's Sarah Palin.