Monday, October 22, 2012

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? I say not.

I would say that it's better to love,

and to grow in love and with love,

even when the love you have to give

is not returned, or does not bear

the fruits you hoped would spring forth

And that of all the different types of love

Agape is the one we should most seek

For it nourishes us, and feeds our souls

And is given freely, and returned (almost invariably)

And it limits us not to those

Who are (more or less) our own age

Of our own social circle

Of our own socio-economic class level

(or the one that we aspire to belong to)

But opens up an unlimited world

Where we love, because we born loving

(All children are - just watch the ones

(That were born into loving homes

(Play with other children of their own age

(Or even with younger children

(They simply PLAY, LAUGH, LOVE, LIVE, and ENJOY)

For every time I ever assumed

(And there were several times,

(Covering more than three chronological decades)

That I would never again be loved by another

And that this was a just reward

For my having failed to appreciate the love

Someone had given to me

Love always found someone,

willing to love me, even when,

I did not know enough, to know

That I was worthy of love, and all the long

Ought to have learned to love myself

But, THAT, was a lesson

Which took decades to learn

Mark Raymond Ganzer

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