Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ho hum: US drone kills at least five in North Waziristan

US drone kills at least five in North Waziristan
October 24, 2012 by Zahir Shah Sherazi

PESHAWAR: At least five people were killed Wednesday when a US drone targeted a suspected militant compound about 10 kilometres from the main town in volatile North Waziristan region, intelligence sources said.

The US drone fired three missiles in Tappi village, about 10 kilometres southeast of Miramshah, on a compound which intelligence sources said was a militant facility.

Two missiles hit the house and one struck a vehicle resulting in the death of four suspected militants. A woman was also killed in the strike, sources added. The official sources also said that three cows have also been killed as the house was completely destroyed.

The political administration and the military authorities do not comment on such drone strikes although Pakistani administration has been complaining to the US government about the illegality of the drone operation.

The identity of those killed in this strike could not be ascertained from independent sources, however the intelligence sources claimed the targeted compound was a suspected militant hideout.