Friday, October 26, 2012

The Adjustment Bureau - a movie I highly recommend

Was watching for the third time (for me) the movie The Adjustment Bureau and sharing the viewing with my dear friend James Reyer, who REALLY got into it.  But, baseball is his first viewing priority, and mid-way through, we passed the movie so he could adjourn upstairs to watch the World Series.

Jim's comments were of amazement: "That's MY LIFE!" he said, as Matt Damon rode the ferry across Staten Island.  "I used to do that while I ate my lunch."  Jim worked at a New York law firm which at one time considered hiring John Mitchell, shortly after he left the White House, but before the dams of Watergate began to flood.  Jim told his boss that if they hired Mitchell, he would resign.  After Watergate and the associated theatrics hit, Jim's advice in the matter of Mitchell was remembered, and he got a lot of integrity and sagacity points.  (Jim's direct supervisor had been a partner at the Wall Street law firm of Mudge Rose Guthrie Alexander & Ferdon law firm where Richard Nixon went to work (on resurrecting his political career) in 1963;  years later, Jim would also work for Hubert Humphry's law firm in Minnesota; my man (Jim Reyer) has been around!)

I was certain he would enjoy the movie, just as I am certain that any of you who have ever returned to my blog would enjoy it.

The Adjustment Bureau is an ambitious movie which operates on six different levels:  political action thriller; chick flick; magical realism; a story of destiny; commentary on corporate mind set; a theological debate on free will; an explanation for "miracles" in the universe.

The plot line goes:

Ambitious politician loses election due to impulsive imprudent prank.  While composing his concession speech in the men's room of the Waldorf Astoria, he finds he is NOT alone, but that a lovely, intriguing young lady has been hiding in one of the stalls, overhearing what he thought was a monologue. The lovely, intriguing young lady challenges him to be authentic, and he takes their meeting to heart, and gives a very honest, introspective concession speech, which is considered by many to be the best speech of his campaign, leaving him his party's leading candidate for the next Senate election.  The young lady, being pursued by hotel security for crashing a wedding party escapes.

Coincidentally, the couple meets the next morning on a bus; sparks fly, and she give him her telephone number.  An intriguing array of men dressed in suits and hats take it upon themselves to keep the two of them apart, and they confiscate the phone number before he memorizes it.  Three years pass when by great coincidence, Matt Damon, still riding the same bus every day for the last three years, spots this intriguing woman walking up the street.  He races off the bus to talk.  She's miffed he never called, and challenges him about how much he ever cared about her.  He smooth talks his way out of her bad graces, and she is willing to give him another chance.  More sparks fly.  Meanwhile, the intriguing array of men dressed in suits go to extremes to keep them from following up after she tells him the name of the Theatre where she will be dancing that evening.

Who are these men?

Will the couple ever get together?

Will he be elected?

Will love triumph in the end?

If you are willing to make simply one assumption, all of the mysterious happenings are explained.  The one assumption you must make is this:  we (all of us) have a calling, a thing the universe (the universal imperative, love, God, call it what you choose) calls, even demands for us to do, and the universe operates in a manner so that we can fulfill our destiny (even when very powerful forces oppose us).  Because this is the kind of universe I want to be a part of,  because this is the kind of universal imperative that makes sense to me, because love demands of us that we be loving and willing to risk all for love, and because this is the only kind of God worthy of my belief and faith, this is the kind of uplifting thing that feeds and nourishes my mind, body, and soul.  It made me feel good to watch it the first time.  It made me feel better to be able to share (to this juncture, just the first half of) the movie, and it will be even MORE fulfilling when we watch it tomorrow with Pastor Rick Carlson of Salem Methodist Church, right here in Barrington, Illinois, at 4:30 p.m.

If you have the time, it is worth the time.

Be well, all.

Believe in something greater than yourself.

Imagine a world where peace abounds and just abides.

With Love, always,

to all of you, and all of the ones that love you.