Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I learned three new things today while working as election judge

#1.  In 1905 Japan launched a preemptive naval attack upon a Russian outpost.  The Russians sued for peace which was brokered by Teddy Roosevelt.  Thus, when in 1941, Japan launched a preemptive attack on the U.S. base at Pearl Harbor, they had reason to hope that it would be as successful as had been their attack on the Russians.  At least one Japanese General who had studied in the U.S. knew that Japan would ahve six months, maximum, to accomplish what they sought to accomplish, and after that, the U.S. would ahve marshalled its resources into waging the war, and it would be all over.

#2.  At one of the local churches, which shall remain unnamed, they have given unto a homeless man with a car, a key to the church, so that he might have a safe warm place to sleep and shave and shower.  He enters at night after every one has left, and leaves before day break, before any one enters.  This is indeed a right Chirstian example of the kinds of things a church can do.

(There is another church that can be accessed with a full kitched, including LOTS of food ... that that is another secret which I shan't soon disclose.)
#3.  The present unoccupied business buildings in Barrington stands at 27%, while the village continues to buy up fairly large parcels of properties in the down town area, and then NOT develop them.  While this seems like wasteful, slothful mismanagement, instead, it is a reflection of a plan, although a plan that receives no publicity, and therefore, is not at al a democratic reflection of the will of the citizens of this community. 

The village not only continues to buy up properties (at rock bottom prices), but it refuses to grant variances to those who have bought other, prominent, properties -- for example, one land owner applied for a variance two build a 5-story building; the village council advised him that Barrington only permits 3-story buildings. (This is untrue, the Harris Bank on Grove Ave. is five stories tall, the Retirement Home on Main Street is five stories tall, and I think the Garlands of Barrington have five story tall buildings).

The man wanting the 5-story building subsequently said he would turn the building into a park ... the village refused him permission.

So, it sounds as if they don't want development, except .. au contraire!  They DO want development, it's just that they are waiting for the "right" developer.

This troubles me deeply because of the potential magnitude of dollars involved makes it altogether possible that some people might make a fortune ... and if those people have been trustees or Mayor of this community, then they have in fact committed a crime.

There should be disclosure here.