Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Memogate (ad nauseam)

Memogate (ad nauseam)
In the ever-changing scenario in the memogate scandal case, Mansoor Ijaz has reportedly refused to come to Pakistan and appear in court. Ijaz has based his decision on ‘unsatisfactory’ security arrangements and that the government is interfering in the security plan.
This latest development has created furore amongst politicians, diplomats, analysts and the media – as they all voice their opinion on the case.
While one cannot take away from the significance of the alleged memo, given its contents and the personnel involved – should it continue to remain the most important issue, nearly four months after it first surfaced?
Given the problems being faced by the country and its people, such as the energy crises, terrorism, street crimes, inflation, health issues – should the memogate scandal really be at the top of the agenda?
Should the government, the military, the media and all other concerned players be as concerned with the memogate as they currently are?