Actual installation will begin today in the presence of Minister Syed Ahmedullah and Majlis leaders
Four years after they were broken, work on replacement of the ‘takhat' (marble slab benches) in the Mecca Masjid courtyard, commenced on Monday evening.
Two white and one black marble slabs that cost Rs. 4.5 lakh were procured from Makrana in Rajasthan by the GHMC.
The marble benches, which are quite popular with visitors, were broken during the 2007 bomb blast at the mosque.
While two slabs broke under the impact of the blast, another cracked and later split into two.
The government promised to replace the damaged slabs immediately, but it never materialised.
Work on the installation of the new slabs started after the Maghrib prayers in the evening. Majlis legislator Syed Ahmed Pasha Qaudri was present on the occasion. To lift the heavy slabs, a crane was brought into the mosque and for this, sand bags were laid on the steps.
The actual installation work will be taken up on Tuesday morning in the presence of Minorities Welfare Minister Syed Ahmedullah, Majlis leaders Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi.
“It will take at least four to five days to complete the job as per the existing design,” said R. Pradeep, executive engineer, GHMC.