Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Falls Church Focus on Safety Program Warning Period: Dec. 19, 2010 - Jan. 17, 2011 Citations will be issued beginning on Jan. 18, 2011 Beginning in mid-January, 2011, the City of Falls Church began issuing citations to motorists who are videtaped running red lights at two intersections. Intersection Safety Cameras have been installed at the eastbound and westbound approaches at Broad and Cherry Streets and at Broad Street and Annandale Road.

As part of the Falls Church Focus on Safety Program, the City of Falls Church reminds drivers to always approach an intersection safely. Drivers should always slow down and prepare to make a complete stop when a light turns yellow. Yellow lights inform drivers about a change in traffic flow. Always yield to pedestrians as they have the right of way and always come to a full and complete stop before turning right on red. It's the law. Make sure the roadway is clear before proceeding and work with us to improve traffic safety in our community.

A red-light violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. Motorists already in the intersection when the signal changes to red are not considered red-light violators. For example, a driver who enters an intersection on a green light will not receive a citation—even if that motorist must wait until the light turns red to complete a left-hand turn after oncoming traffic clears.
The intersection safety camera is activated when motion is detected, indicating a vehicle is entering the intersection AFTER the traffic signal has turned red. The camera captures two images of the offending vehicle—one showing the vehicle before entering the intersection on a red light, and one showing the vehicle proceeding through the intersection on red. A video is also made of the violation. The images are reviewed and the violation confirmed by an officer with the Falls Church Police Department before a violation notice is issued.
Owners of vehicles that are photographed running red lights will receive a notice in the mail and are subject to a minimum fine of $50. Those who receive a violation can obtain additional information or view their photographs and video online Inquiries about the program can be made to the Falls Church Police at 703-248-5025 or Citizens may also callcall toll free 1-866-790-4111, if they have questions.
Intersection safety is an important aspect of safety in our community for all motorists. Stop on Red!