Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fuck that, baby.

JANUARY 14, 2011

Aw, It's All So Fucking Sweet!

Democrats and Republicans might all sit together during the State of the Union. And they might all go on an Outward Bound retreat together! Christ, I'm all choked up. I can barely see through my tears as I blindly peck at the keyboard.

Unity! Isn't it just superduperfabbywabulous?!?!?! Yeah, the ruling class will be even more united in crushing you and any other pissant "ordinary" human being who fails to obey their every order, make them even more wealthy and more powerful and is any kind of serious troublemaker. And not just here in these glorious UUUUUnited States, but all around the world! They're going to crush millions of people together!(Uh, and this is supposed to be a new development?, the clever reader here interjects.)

This is such a fucking great country. Gee, I'm using lots of four-letter words these days. But honestly, how do you respond to shit like this? This is empty and meaningless symbolism designed to temporarily placate severely damaged children and make them keep quiet. In other words: to make them shut the fuck up. (Another one! But as I said, well,fuck.) Since most American adults are severely damaged children who have never managed to grow up in a healthy and meaningful way, it should be wildly popular.

It reminds me of this earlier passage of mine, written in a different context but apt nonetheless:
Not only is truth the enemy, but we live in a world of the most superficial of appearances. Completely empty symbolism -- symbolism stripped of all meaning and of every connection to fact -- is what motivates such people. Rigorous thought and analysis and seriousness of purpose can find no place in this view of the world. These people live only on the surfaces of things, and they are not living or thinking to any measurable extent. The surfaces where they barely exist are those determined by others who came before, and they are entirely covered with lies. The images constantly flicker and are gone, to be replaced by other lies, which will also disappear almost immediately. There is no past and no future, and the present is stripped of all those elements that give life meaning and purpose.
Fuck that, baby.